Ezequiel Suárez

1967, Matanzas, Cuba

Graduated from the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes de San Alejandro in 1985, Ezequiel Suárez has the merit of being, together with Sandra Ceballos, founder of the most genuine alternative artistic project of the nineties in Cuba: Espacio Aglutinador. The whole of his oeuvre, both pictorial and objectual processes, as well as the performative praxis, is articulated and gain signification from a position eminently contestatory and prone to the short circuiting. Hence, the expectation generated by his work in the specialized critic and among the general public. This provocative and playful way of sustaining the artistic gesture has enabled him the development of expository projects of tremendous depth and discursive lucidity. Among the most interesting ones we can mention Un día feliz dos, that took place in the Visual Arts Development Centre (CDAV), at Havana, Cuba; Ser antojadizo es malo, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Pinar del Río (MAPRI); Vamos fazer barullo agora, porra! presented with the artist Carlos Garaicoa at Havana Gallery. Ezequiel has also participated in important artistic events inside and outside Cuba, such as the Salón de Arte Contemporáneo Cubano, the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Gothemburg, Sweden and the Medellín City Biennial, in Colombia. His work is part of important public collections, among them the National Museum of Fine Arts' collection, in Havana, Cuba; The Patchett Collection, Los Angeles, USA and the Limac Collection, of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima, Peru.

untitled, from the series A Baby


El paseo del hombre nuevo (The New Man Walk)


Optimista raro (Freak Optimist)