Lester Alvarez

1984, Camagüey

The work of Lester Alvarez (Camagüey, Cuba, 1984) is characterized by a very peculiar sense of introspection. His pieces, whether figurative or abstract paintings, his objects, videos, or installations, are indebted to a symbolism that comes in his cultural ADN. Both issues make his work tremendously restrained and silent, a sort of essay about the existentiality.
Lester finished his studies at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in 2011. Since that moment, he began to develop a career as a creator that offered him the opportunity to participate in numerous collective and solo projects. Among the most outstanding of them are the exhibitions: Estado de silencio (State of silence), at El Apartamento and La mano generosa (The generous Hand), in the Servando Art Gallery; and collective exhibitions like Karaoke and El silencio que precede a la tormenta (The Silence that precedes the Storm), both collaterals to the XII Havana Biennial and La parte maldita (The Damned part).
His work has been awarded with prizes like Tengo Frío Artist Group residency, Emerson College at England and the IX International Biennial of Painting ISOLE, Cerdeña, Italy.

Melancolía (Melancholia), from the series Pinturas sobre flores recuperadas


Comunión (Communion) , from the series Pinturas blancas (White Paintings)


La vitrina que cae (The Cabinet that Falls Down)


Libro de horas (Book of Hours) No. 5