Levi Orta

1984, La Habana, Cuba

In my work I explore the creative component of politics, focusing on the inaccuracies of the art- political boundary. I reproduce mechanisms, strategies and behaviors of political-artistic situations that have been filed, thus highlighting its most subversive undertone; always from a cynical stance that threatens the hegemonic. In this auto-built creation space I can freely look for ways to reverse power relations using cracks of the structure in order to parody restrictions, standards and protocols. Camouflage, exploitation, appropriation, copying, editing, archiving, could describes the different processes that I use to agitate the power and take it to the permeable field of art. Under an apparent calm, the projects show to the viewer scandalous issues that are decoded under a cynical view.

La emancipación del Lord (The Emancipation of the Lord)


Creación política (Political Ceation)


George W. Bush. From Series Bocetos-Detalles V2




La muerte del fantasma o Jugando al happy ending (The Ghost´S Death or Playing to Happy Ending)