Yaima Carrazana

1981, Santiago de Cuba

Trained initially as a painter at the San Alejandro National Academy of Arts. Carrazana moves freely among various media and formats such as painting, video, performance and installation. Throughout this range of media, Carrazana's work stands out for the way it engages in a highly informed yet frequently irreverent dialogue with the history and discourse of contemporary art. Creating work that explores the unstable limits between what is considered art and what is not, Carrazana weaves a delicate web of commentary on the contexts political, cultural, gender-based – that determine the way art is received and interpreted in today's globalized art world.

Two Dutch (The beach is so pretty: Everyone is at the beach)


Certificado de conducta (Conduct certificate)


Carta de declaración No.1.3 (Declaration Letter No. 1.3)


Untitled. From "Foreign Affair" Series


Multa No.1 (Fine No.1)