Cuban Art in France

By El Apartamento Staff, 15 May 2018

Ola Cuba!, exhibition opened in the city of Lille, on April 19 of this year, gathers the work of more than thirty contemporary Cuban artists, including: Adrián Melis, Carlos Garaicoa, Iván Capote, Leandro Feal, Luis Enrique López-Chávez, Osvaldo González, jorge&Larry, Reynier Leyva Novo and Yornel Martínez. The show arises from the interest to bring to France an important part of Cuban reality through a segment of its most controversial art. Ola Cuba! shows different sensibilities from a broad spectrum of disciplines, searches and creative interests. At the same time, this exhibition can illuminate several areas of the Cuban context and its most latent conflicts. The project will be open to the public until September 2, 2018.