By Victor Piverno, 07 February 2019

After starting as a guest project at the 11th Havana Biennial
next to the 4th Prágmatica with "Ciudad generosa", passing through the sample Bipersonal "Gritos y susurros" with Anton Petz in Reinisch Contemporary of Graz Austria, the notion of PREié now ends up as a trial in the gallery La Nave (Genesis). Here you will find correlated examples inthat the idea appears and prepares to be materialized. We are before the of the dissection of knowledge and its apprehension. Hence the essay and its emphasis on developing an idea put on the table in an almost unrealistic analysis. PREié once again brings into question the problem of language and its beginnings. Passion and reason, building together the world of the senses and thought. After this attempt in Havana, PREié will move to the Vancouver Biennale in working with the "First Nations" communities to to be introduced in accordance with the tradition of the orality and its original songs