El Apartamento in Expo Chicago for the first time

By El Apartamento Staff, 21 September 2019

El Apartamento is participating for the first time in the Art Fair Expo Chicago, celebrated this year from September 19th to 22nd. With a two-person project that gathers the work of artists Diana Fonseca and Arlés del Río, the gallery will be showing pieces of hybrid nature which incorporates the work with wax, fragments of dry old painting and canvas scraps, as well as objectual artworks.
Among the Series that can be seen at the gallery booth (B #361) there are “Degradación” (Degradation), by Fonseca and “Cirugía plástica” (Plastic Surgery), “Resiliencia” (Resilience) and “Dimensiones considerables” (Considerable Dimensions), by Arlés.