Opened "La Magdalena de Proust: Antropocentrismo cotidiano" in the Max Estrella gallery

By El Apartamento Staff, 03 February 2020

Since last Thursday, January 30th, the collective exhibition “La Magdalena de Proust: Antropocentrismo cotidiano” (Proust's Madeleine: Everyday Anthropocentrism) was opened, in the Madrid based gallery Max Estrella. The project, centered around corporeality and everyday life as efficient memory devices, gathers the proposals of Eduardo Basualdo, Diana Fonseca, Duane Michals, Hans Op De Beeck, Bernardí Roig and Erwin Wurm.
Diana Fonseca is presenting one of her most iconic series: "Degradation." In it, the reflection on time is woven from the collective memories of the city and its physical remains in the present.
The exhibition will remain open to the public until April 11, 2020.