Viaje a la semilla

By El Apartamento Staff, 25 May 2018

On March 29th was opened the two-person exhibition “Viaje a la semilla” by Cuban artists Diana Fonseca (Havana, 1978) and Aimée García (Limonar, 1972). With the curatorship by Concha Fontenla, the project, located in Factoría Habana, is gathered around certain topics such as the intimate returns in time, familiar and everyday stories, and the search for essential things in life. For this purpose, both artists use similar aesthetic resources that implement in different and personal ways. Among the most recurrent can be refer the incorporation of self-referential poetics, the focus on minimal and imperceptible events of day-to-day life (the poetization of the ordinary) and the establishment of unusual connections between private and collective spaces.
The show, that in Concha Fontenla's words ends a kind of exhibitive season articulated around the journeys to and from our common and intimate past, will remain opened to the public until June 19th of the present year.